New Energy Nexus' CalSeed Program Selects Intertie for Concept Award

Intertie Secures Funding to Develop Its Innovative EV ChargePod™

SAUSALITO, Calif., July 2020, –– Intertie Incorporated, a clean energy startup based in the Bay Area, announced today that it was selected by New Energy Nexus’ “California Sustainable Energy Entrepreneur Development” (CalSEED) grant program as a recipient of its concept award. Intertie will receive $150,000 of funding to design, build, and test a prototype of its EV ChargePod™, a modular microgrid that integrates intelligent energy storage, solar PV, and electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions.

The EV ChargePod™ features a novel underground battery energy storage system, solar PV integration, battery-boosted EV fast charging, and electric services while improving grid reliability, raising utilization, and allowing customers to realize greater value from their clean energy investments. Once completed, the EV ChargePod™ will be able to deliver environmental and economic benefits to California ratepayers by uniquely solving grid problems, enabling the electrification of the transportation sector, and creating value for property owners, EV drivers, and utilities.

Speaking on their decision to select Intertie for this award, Program Director Joy Larson stated that, “Intertie's EV ChargePod uniquely solves grid problems and creates value for property owners, electric vehicle drivers and utilities by simultaneously delivering fast charging, intelligent storage, solar integration and electric services.”

The CalSEED initiative, part of the California Energy Commission’s energy innovation pipeline, supports early stage California clean energy startups with funding to bring concepts and prototypes to market. The CalSEED program selects awardees based on the technical merit of the concept, team, readiness, and impact. Applications undergo a rigorous review by academic and technology experts, environmental and social justice advocates, as well as accelerator and venture capital veterans. In 2017, the CalSEED program saw over 330 applicants, of which 28 awardees, including Intertie, were selected by a panel of 50 reviewers in a four-stage review process.

In addition to the grant funds supporting the development of the EV ChargePod™, the CalSEED program will provide Intertie technical, market, and legal support to help advance the company’s efforts. Intertie will also gain access and introductions to CalSEED’s network of academic and industry experts, as well as potential investors.

“CalSEED’s support is vital to our growth as a company,” reflected Richard Mrlik, Intertie’s Founder and CEO. “By leveraging CalSEED’s network – particularly industry domain experts – we have been able to talk directly with our customers, identify their energy challenges and needs, and tailor our energy storage solutions to those issues. One of those issues we’ve identified is the need to mitigate grid impacts from fast charging, which CalSEED validated and provided funding to help us push ahead.”

About Intertie

Intertie Inc. is a Bay Area-based clean energy technology company with a comprehensive product portfolio that includes EV charging, solar-plus-storage, and building controls and automation solutions. Intertie’s patented technologies have been funded by some of the premier venture capital firms and have received awards from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and Shell New Energies, as well as the California Energy Commission’s BRIDGE grant program and California Sustainable Energy Entrepreneur Development (CalSEED) program. Intertie’s vision is to scale its award-winning technology into productized microgrids that transform commercial properties into renewable energy assets.

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