Solar + storage

Pair your solar investment with storage for long-term protection against utility rate changes – and transform your building into a clean energy annuity.


The power is yours

Lower costs, boost revenue, and increase resilience by equipping your building to store energy and distribute it when it’s most beneficial. Our AI-powered software manages a private microgrid on your site, enabling you not only to manage power production and consumption but also to take advantage of a host of added services, including EV charging stations.

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Intertie’s microgrids Offer:


Hardened, safe storage

Our patented underground storage can be optimally located to save space
It’s the safest, lowest-cost, and most versatile storage on the market
It keeps the battery at an optimal temperature to maximize life cycles

A complete energy management system

AC- and DC-coupled microgrid
Standardized, modular hardware
Solar and storage backup power system
Configurable, versatile energy service platform
Site-optimized load shifting and peak shaving algorithms
Real-time monitoring and alerting
EV charging platform

DC-coupled topology

The system integrates rooftop solar with our patented underground battery storage
DC-coupled solar plus storage harvests more solar and doubles solar capacity on a commercial rooftop
Grid connection is streamlined and optimized, resulting in:

- Flexible siting
- Reduced electric costs
- Reduced installation costs
- Maximum renewable energy at grid edge

It’s never been easier to turn your building into a clean energy asset

We set it up, make it run, and handle maintenance.
Our technology optimizes your energy use 24/7.