Integrated EV charging, storage, solar and smart grid solution


Intertie’s modular, smart grid solution, the EV ChargePod™, advances California’s ‘Grid of the Future’ by simultaneously delivering super-fast EV charging, intelligent storage, solar integration, energy management and grid services; while increasing grid reliability & efficiency and adding value to the underlying real estate.

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Super-Fast Charging

Gives electric vehicle drivers convenient 100-mile charge in 10 minutes at same price as gasoline

Low grid impact and can connect directly to site electric panel

Low operating cost by avoiding demand charges even while delivering up to 180 kW of charging power

Has power to charge trucks and buses

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Intelligent, Safe, Profitable Storage

Pairs large capacity, durable battery energy storage with intelligence to optimize power flow in real time to EV, site and grid

Located outdoors in small footprint, patented enclosure

Safe battery storage

Behind-the-meter storage delivers the most services and value to site hosts and the grid

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Integrates Solar

Directly connects 30 kW PV

Routes solar PV for electric vehicle charging, site host energy use or battery storage

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Virtual Power Plant

Manages site energy use and supplies grid services

Lowers energy costs through peak shaving and arbitrage

Earn added revenues such as demand response programs and other grid services

Provides backup power to site


EV ChargePod™ enables the ‘Grid of the Future’

California’s ambitious climate change goals will impact the grid as significantly more renewables and electric transportation are mandated.  The grid already has issues handling California’s 30% renewable mix today, which will be exacerbated by the State’s 50% and 100% renewable targets set for 2030 and 2050.   The State is committed to disrupting the transportation sector, being the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions.  With electrification currently the most viable strategy to reduce GHGs, California wants drastically more EVs, but there are serious challenges ahead powering these EVs.  Moreover, automakers agree that a convenient network of fast chargers must be established for mass EV adoption -- but faster charging using current equipment means bigger grid impacts and higher costs.


Intertie provides a turnkey, end-to-end solution

The patented EV ChargePod™ is a plug and play smart grid solution, that uniquely combines a modular smart-grid and large-scale battery storage at the charging point-of-sale, to simultaneously deliver super-fast charging, integrate solar, manage site electric use, supply grid services and provide other value-added services.  Intertie combines hardware, software and services to provide the site host with a turnkey energy & charging platform and other revenue sources to generate multiple revenue streams with the EV ChargePod™.